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Carpet Barn:
Conway Showroom & Warehouse
A House for Carpet
Conway, AR
A Perfect Shelter for Carpet and the Community
In the comfort and openness of a barn, look for your new flooring
Client: Carpet Barn
Location: 1579 Oak Street, Conway, AR 72032
Size: 7,500 SF
Expected Date of Construction: 2020 (est)
Carpet Barn has done exceptionally well in its market and had the opportunity to expand its locations to include a Conway Showroom. Mr. Shean Drewry, the manager of the the current location, approached JDM Planning & Design, and we happily obliged to design the new Conway Showroom and Warehouse for Mr. Drewry.

The Design that we came up was inspired by the name Carpet Barn helping one to reminisce of the past with a contemporary twist. The design integrated the modernizing Conway style with classical barn-like materials resulting in the inviting Conway showroom that we had come up with.
An Inviting Presence in the Community
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Elegant Slope
The roof is elegantly sloped, although you wouldn't know it just by looking at the facade of the building. The design helps hide, but simultaneously alludes to the sloping structure behind it which helps facilitate the drainage of rainwater and governs the interior experience when one walks in.
An Open Invitation
The Carpet Barn entrance faces customers coming in from Conway with a large sign and open entryway as if to beckon people into the showroom that's beyond the studded walls of the structure. The red and yellow balance each other out to create an appealing aesthetic to those in the rest of the community.