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Construct Main Entrance
At Little Rock VA
A Safer, Sustainable, Soothing Entrance
A Gathering of the Whole Team for a Re-Imagining of a Fitting Entrance for the VA
"There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up."
-John Holmes-
The JLM facility was built in 1985 and is not current with current force protection guidelines. The CAVHS asked our team to re-imagine the south entrance of the facility in a manner that privileged it as a “main entrance” – while meeting all the force protection requirements that were identified in a recent assessment. Through many meetings with the IPT group, several site issues regarding the compliance with accessibility deficiencies for patients, visitors, volunteers, support staff, and caregivers with disabilities were highlighted. Another goal was to create a more fluid design that would enable a smoother flow of traffic into the Healthcare Center.

It was amazing to see several disciplines come together to execute the project. The project team included architects, civil engineers, geo-tech engineers, traffic engineers, landscape architects, MEP engineers, FPE engineers, structural engineers, and of course – physical security specialists and blast engineers.
Staying True to the Vision of the Hospital
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Welcoming and Safe
The Design team wanted to focus on a welcoming, clear, and safe environment for the new JLM Healthcare facility entrance even during nighttime.
Healing to the Mind, Body, and Soul
There are many studies that show that gardens can be healing for many people by allowing a refuge for one's own space in the reaches of nature. This project anchors on such ideas and create spaces for respite and healing such as the Healing Garden and Contemplation Garden.