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Hawthorne Row Townhomes
Interactive and Independent Living
Bentonville, AR
A modern farmhouse design for the young professional
There's no place like home.
JDa was brought on board to design a stretch of new townhomes in Bentonville, AR. Bentonville is the headquarters for one of the best known retail chains: Walmart Corp. With the recent success of the business, many young professionals have flocked to this area. The client for the townhomes, Orion Capital, decided to develop a stretch of land to create townhomes for the incoming professionals.

A modern farmhouse design aesthetic was used for inspiration for the units. Each unit feature a 3 bedroom and 2 1/2 bath units accompanied with a 2-car garage. The townhomes are part of a larger residential development near the Crystal Bridges Museum with access to bike trails and other attractions for tenants of Hawthorne Row.
Private yet Communal living; Reintroducing the front porch
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Independence within the community
The units allow for a freer, privatized living that is sought in the suburban neighborhood, but also gives way for a interactive living that people in the city enjoy able to watch the community through the comfort of their windows. The front porch designed in each unit allows for a neighborly feel which in turns helps increase the security and trust within the development.