10301 N Rodney Parham Rd., Little Rock, AR 72227 501-232-2240
Design for Private/Semi-Private Rooms
for NLR VA Domiciliary Unit
Increased Privacy for Patients
North Little Rock, AR
A Secure and Private Hub for Patients
Safety and security needs to come with the right to privacy.
The area of work specific for this project is on the third floor of the H-wing of the southern “pod” of the EJT Healthcare Center, and constitutes approximately 13,599 sqft of renovation space that is being upgraded to current spatial and finish standards for  domiciliary Units.
The current layout of the third floor of H wing consists of patient rooms ranging from one (1) to three (3) or more  patients, each of which has restroom capabilities but not all have private bathing capabilities. There are communal showers located in the central core area that are not conducive to proper patient care and privacy.

JDM as JDa's design team was directed to reduce the number of open "multi-bed" patient rooms down to a more private/semi-private patient room structure with private toilet and bathing accommodations for each room. 

We worked with Insight engineering, Harrison Energy Partners, Atoka, Lacey Fire Protection Engineering, and Apogee Consulting to not only renovate the interior walls and space layout for a more privatized setting, but also replaced the exterior windows, rerouted and confirmed or upgraded the energy, heating, cooling, and med gas piping capacity for the building pod.
A Better Facility Structure, Design, Work Flow Efficiency, and Security
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Proper Patient Care and Privacy
The more privatized patient rooms would allow for an individual to have their own bathing accommodation which is crucial for the care of individual patient's care and needs. 
Redirecting Communal Energy
The current Family room (3H101-170) waill be subdivided into three spaces to accommodate a family area, conference room, and teaching kitchen for the RRTP patients redirecting the communal energy to a more public area.