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The Yard
A Place to Hang with the Crowd
Jonesboro, AR
A Place to Chill and Relax: The Yard
Great joy comes from seeing others laugh, eat, and enjoy life.
Location: 1918 Aggie Rd., Jonesboro, AR 72401
Size: 5,680 SF
The Yard is a proposal by CITICORPS to offer a place mainly for students to come and enjoy a meal cooked by one of the the 3 or 4 local restaurants that would occupy the space. The Yard would be an epicenter for students to gather with friends and talk about the next big football champion or who will win the NBA finalists. 

In tandem with Little Architects, JDM Planning & Design has helped create, model, and visualize the new restaurant and open seating structure that the Yard encapsulates.
the Aggies:
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A Great Field of Possibility
The Yard overlooks a large field complete with a Volleyball court where students can participate in a number of sporting activities or even an outdoor movie theater.
Inspired by Shipping Containers
The Yard's design is inspired by and incorporates the structure of several shipping containers. One of the outdoor patios on the mezzanine floor is quite literally a shipping container, and the whole building facade replicates the undulating surface of a shipping container bringing the whole design together under a single concept.