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Highly Qualified

JDM Planning & Design has an experienced and highly qualified team of design professionals that collectively has well over 100 years of experience in the design and construction fields. They each possess a shared vision of project execution, customer satisfaction, and unsurpassed quality that brings them together into a formidable and agile team that can meet all of your design needs.

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JDM Planning & Design offers a wide variety of professional design services for practically any project type. Whether your needs are for an interior renovation, building addition, exterior building rehabilitation, building restoration, historical preservation, building expansion, site adapt, prototype development, or ground up construction – our team can execute any type of project and provide any number of services outlined here.

Feasibility Studies

Code Compliance

Bidding & Negotiating

Interior Design

Accessibility Studies

Conceptual &
Schematic Design
Construction Administration


Existing Conditions Documentation

Design Development

Submittal & Shop Drawing Review

Fast-Track Delivery


Construction Documents

Marketing Renderings

Facility Master Planning

Phasing Coordination

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Sustainable Design

QA/QC Planning

Physical Security Assessments

Consultant Coordination

Project Types
JDM Planning and Design extends our services to a variety of project types. We are flexible and capable of completing many different project types from New Construction and Design/Build to Additions and Renovations. Just let us know, and we can provide.

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Physical Security Assessments are becoming more and more essential for all of our clients – including federal, state, city, and private sector organizations. Ensuring safe working environments for their staff and administrators has become an ever increasing priority for the world we live in today, and our ability to provide this service allows our clients to mitigate risk, provide piece of mind for their employees, and project costs that are associated with protecting all of their assets.



JDM believes that Sustainable Design should be one of the core factors of design. A project is never built in a vacuum and is affected by and affects many different parts of the natural environment. JDM strives to incorporate sustainability in every aspect of the project from stormwater drainage to paying close attention to material choice.



Phasing Coordination can be requested by the client. Phasing is the planning of which order the construction will take place considering many different environmental and existing factors.



Consultant Coordination  services are provided for all our clients as part of our basic services. JDM has a wide range of consultant connections who can professionally help support the design team in a certain area of the design process. Coordination between consultants helps result in a robust design.

JDM commits hours to QA/QC Planning to verify that the drawings are correct and ready to move on to the next stage. JDM holds itself to a higher standard to create polished construction documents that will minimize the chances for a greater modification down the road.



Over 13 of our full time and part time staff are experienced in at least one Building Information Modeling (BIM) /CAD program. Our cumulative program experience includes AutoCAD, Revit, Rhino, SketchUp, and PowerCADD. This allows our design team to incorporate all building systems into a virtual model that facilitates a higher level of communication between disciplines and minimizing conflicts between trades before construction begins. BIM is also a powerful visualization tool that allows our team to better communicate to our clients how their spaces function and how their staff and visitors flow through their building.

Our project managers do an excellent job of Facility Master Planning to conduct a study of existing conditions, develop or keep the requirements of a budget, accommodate the goals of the stakeholders, and create a fantastic team to get the job done.



Fast-Track Delivery is a specialized service that can help our clients meet difficult timelines for design and construction, and is typically compatible with a D/B dynamic between the client, design team, and builder. This process can reduce the time required by the traditional “Design/ Bid/Build” dynamic.

Design/Build (D/B) services services are something that is part of our professional DNA. As our team got its start as a new department within a construction firm, our mentality in design and detailing is always with the notion that our efforts be affordable and have a high level of constructability. This DNA makes us the ideal partner for local contractors that are looking for a design team that embraces a collaborative spirit with the builder, or for building owners looking to reduce and/or eliminate the adversarial dynamic that sometimes materializes between designer and builder. In either case – our team is a willing partner that places service over ego.



Interior Design is an integral part of the design process to help facilitate a sense of nuance and character within the built environment. Our team works with stakeholders to establish the functions and activities of the spaces within the project to help with facilitating a mood through the selection of textures, tones, and durability.



Market Renderings can be instrumental in helping our client’s generate support for their projects from stakeholders of all kinds. Whether it’s to secure funding from the local lending institution, stoke enthusiasm within a community to support a new community project, or begin advertising lease space for a new commercial property – marketing renderings can prove invaluable to help our clients communicate how their project will integrate within the local surroundings and can be fully occupied before construction even begins.

Submittal & Shop Drawing Reviews are part of our CA services for clients to ensure that the builder has freedom to identify more affordable materials, systems, and components that still meet the performance requirements outlined in the contract documents.



Construction Administration (CA) services allow our team to continue supporting our client’s project needs and ensure that the builder is providing a level of quality, economy, and timeliness consistent with the contract documents. During CA our team performs periodic site visits, review’s pay applications for the builder, and provides field reports on progress and deficiencies that may require the clients’ attention. As an advocate for our clients, our team will work tirelessly with both builder and client to ensure a smooth, pleasant construction process the exceeds all of our client’s expectations for design excellence!



The Bidding & Neogiating Phase support is not always necessary for our clients, but can be very helpful in providing bid-tab reviews of contractors that ensure that the full extent of the contract documents has been captured in the bids. Additionally, the design team is available to answer pre-bid questions (RFI’s), participate in pre-bid meetings and site visits, generate supplemental drawings and Addenda for the bid package, and review substitution requests. Ultimately – the goal is to serve as an advocate for the client and project to ensure concise pricing that results in a quality project.

Construction Documents is a process of fine tuning the design and ensuring that the design process results in a set of documents that contractually communicate the design intent to the builder and inform their ability to provide accurate pricing for a quality project. Our team is adept at providing various levels of construction documents from a builder’s set of drawings or residential clients, a permit set for commercial clients, or a full set of drawings and specs that meet the demands of city, state, and federal project types.



Design Development is crucial to begin formalizing the concept into a set of drawings that is practical and demonstrates the practicality and constructability of our client’s projects. During this time we work closely with our stakeholder groups and “Authorities Having Jurisdiction” to ensure that the vision takes another step toward becoming reality!



Conceptual & Schematic Design is a very exciting time for the entire project team – including both the client and the design team. It’s where we begin to formalize the vision from the proverbial “napkin sketch” into a graphic outline of how the spaces are organized and what the building begins to look like regarding material composition and form. While this is one of the earliest steps in the design process – it’s also a step that seeds the enthusiasm and energy of the entire project team as we springboard into the design development phase of the project!



Code Compliance is essential for our team to ensure that our client’s projects meet all guidelines and regulations while safeguarding the “health, safety, and welfare of the public.” Our team works diligently in pre-design and design phase activities to ensure that your project meets all federal, state, municipal, or organizational requirements in codes, guidelines, and zoning ordinances.



Programming services allow us to help our clients seed the parameters and goals of their project needs. Whether it’s identifying the spatial components of their functional needs, projecting their future needs and capacity for growth, integrating their project into an overall master plan, or establishing project parameters such as schedule and budget – Programming is a vital and invaluable service we can provide our clients.



Existing Condition Documentation is a service that helps our clients establish a baseline for their strategic planning of future projects, and helps them clarify several physical and systemic limitations and parameters of their existing facilities such as compliance with current code requirements; capacity to support new projects; logistically able to accommodate repurposing of space; and several other practical applications.

Accessibility Surveys* can help our clients provide barrier free environments to those with disabilities. These surveys explore exterior and interior environments for buildings and campuses, and can help identify tiered priorities for clients as they aspire to ensure that their existing facilities are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


*services provided with cooperation with specialty consultants that specialize in these fields.

Feasibility Studies help our clients take a proactive approach in reconciling potential conflicts between the vision of their project’s functionality and aesthetic, and the practical parameters of their schedule and budget. This service allows our team to provide options to our clients that allow them to make adjustments early in the design process without compromising the integrity of the project itself.